Just a couple of corrections I needed to add:
The controller I bought is (not Kelly) Curtis PMC model 1204-412SU RATED at 48volts, 300 amps.
I think this is a good match with the GE brushed, motor.

AND I'd forgotten that this version of the KZ400 (1978) had a 6 speed gearbox. I just bought two new sprockets for the final drive; reduced the rear from 45 teeth to 43 so I'm thinking I can get up to highway speeds well enough.

Would still like to hear from anyone who can offer a suggestion for the gear ratio I might try at the DC motor - crankshaft.

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Electro-saki conversion

December 1, 2008
Now that it's really winter here in Syracuse,NY and I am forced to put the Triumph Bonneville to bed for the season; it's now time to revisit the electric conversion.

Since the first post I now own a GE 7hp DC motor that I bought on ebay, and a Kelly controller.

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Electro-saki conversion saga

Feb 8, 2008
I've started a project that I hope will have me commuting to work, when spring arrives, on an electrified motorcycle. I've owned a couple motorcycles and now ride a Triumph Bonneville 750cc. The Bonnie is a great bike, but I'd like something 'greener'.

I began by buying a Kawasaki 400 from someone here in Syracuse.
It has a disc brake up front and a moderately heavy frame which I think will accept the weight of the batteries. I've removed all of the ICE parts and gas tank hoping to sell bits and pieces. so far I've recouped 90% of my purchase cost.

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