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Restructuring of relationship between TTXGP and Mavizen?

Last year there had been a bit of controversy concerning the business architecture set up by Azhar Hussain to run the TTXGP race series. The three organizations are the eGrandPrix/TTXGP to do race sponsorship, Mavizen as a supplier of motorcycles and parts and services, and a technical review board run by the IET (Institute of Engineering and Technology); UPDATE: Rupal asked me to clarify that eGrandPrix/TTXGP does not own the IET, which of course they don't, I'm referring to the technical review board. Some worried that engineering and technical information gathered by IET in scrutineering the bikes before races would leak into Mavizen to give Mavizen an unfair advantage.

Azhar said to me several times that there was no cause for worry. He said the organizations were maintaining an arms length relationship, and that information was not leaking between the organizations owned by Azhar Hussain. The claim of "arms length relationship" was not enough for some, and rumblings continued all year long about the relationship.

This years announcement about sponsorship by A123 indicates a restructuring (See: TTXGP North America 2011, the A123 Infineon round... New Sponsor and team list.).

Rupal Patel, Director of New Business Development, is quoted saying "In addition, the distribution agreement between A123 and Mavizen, TTXGP's principal technology advisory and consulting arm, allows us to make best-of-breed technologies accessible to TTXGP teams, which improves the quality of their performance while increasing safety."

Mavizen, as "TTXGP's principal technology advisory and consulting arm" seems different than an arms length relationship.

At the same time Mavizen appears to be stepping back from supplying motorcycles, and intent on supplying parts and services to race teams. (see Mavizen signs battery distribution agreement with A123 Systems) The North American series does not have a team riding a Mavizen bike, and Azhar Hussain's email to me a couple weeks ago downplayed their role of supplying motorcycles. Further several manufacturers have stepped up to supply electric motorcycles, such as CRP Racing, Spa Francorchamps, Mission Motors, Brammo, Roehr and Lightning Motors. If Mavizen continues to not supply electric motorcycles then last years' worries will be rendered moot.


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