TTXGP North America 2011, the A123 Infineon round... New Sponsor and team list.

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TTXGP North America 2011, the A123 Infineon round... New Sponsor and team list.

The following press release was recently posted by TTXGP - at

The lineup is interesting..

a) No sign of Electric Motorsport, Square Wave Racing, Agni Motors, or Werkstatt
b) Mike Hannas is back, riding for Lightning Motors
c) Lightning has two bikes
d) Brammo is on the line-up; presumably with an Empulse RR
e) Kenyon Kluge who is a BMS designer at Zero is on the list with a team named "VOLT". Last year he'd raced under the team name "K Squared Racing" and a different team was named "VOLT Motorcycles". Curious.
g) Ely Schless has a long history with electric vehicle racing, and was behind the Barefoot Motors team which participated in the first TTXGP on the Isle of Man, and attempted to race at the e-Power Laguna Seca race last year but had equipment failure

For more along those lines see:

TTXGP North America 2011, the A123 Infineon round... New Sponsor and team list.

5th May 2011

TTXGP is delighted to announce that A123 Systems, a developer and manufacturer of advanced Nanophosphateâ„¢ lithium ion batteries and systems,, will be a major sponsor of the TTXGP North America Championship, including Title Sponsorship of the Infineon round.

"A123 Systems is proud to sponsor TTXGP Infineon Round to help promote its goal of moving vehicle electrification forward by showcasing the potential of high-performance technology like A123's lithium ion battery systems," said Robert Johnson, vice president of the Energy Solutions Group at A123 Systems.

"Our involvement with TTXGP and our distribution agreement with Mavizen enable us to remain involved with zero-carbon motorsport and continue to provide racing teams with lithium ion battery technology that delivers excellent performance and safety in even the most demanding applications."

TTXGP new business director, Rupal Patel said "Our sponsorship from a leading lithium ion battery provider like A123 is a fantastic milestone that further strengthens TTXGP's mission to promote innovation and rapid technology development at the heart of the race series. In addition, the distribution agreement between A123 and Mavizen, TTXGP's principal technology advisory and consulting arm, allows us to make best-of-breed technologies accessible to TTXGP teams, which improves the quality of their performance while increasing safety."

She added "We hope that A123's engagement with TTXGP will encourage other manufacturers to become involved in zero-carbon motorsport as a proving ground and promotional platform for their technologies. TTXGP remains committed to all competition technologies and battery suppliers, but it important that we start to offer compelling, optimized and accessible choices to our teams. A123's sponsorship is a big step in that direction, and we are very proud that A123 sees TTXGP as an opportunity to showcase technical innovation and demonstrate performance capabilities."

The A123 Infineon Round 1 marks the start of the TTXGP World Championship campaign for teams from across North America. The 2010 season opener provided one of the most thrilling races of the series and with faster rides and faster riders, expect more of the same.

The teams for the opening round are:

Lightning Motors......Michael Barnes.........80
Lightning Motors......Mike Hannas............88
Moto Electra.............Thad Wolff...............37
Brammo Racing ........Steve Atlas...............58
Protomoto Racing.....Ely Schless...............18
VOLT........................Kenyon Kluge..........19
Mission Motors.........Steve Rapp................17

TTXGP is being broadcast into over a 100 million homes in 40+ countries. In the US, you can catch TTXGP on Speed 2. Special offer tickets to the entire AMA Pro weekend included in the West Coast Moto Jam are available at

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