Vectrix VX-1

Selling my Vectrix VX-1

I have a 2007 VX-1 that has been sitting in my garage for much too long. The battery died a few years back and I was planning to replace it with Li-ion. But I have no time to do it so I will reluctantly part with the scooter. It should be fine for someone willing to do a battery swap or it can be used for parts. The scooter is in good condition except for the right handle which has the rubber coming off. I'm asking $700 for it. Buyer will have to arrange for the transport.

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My 2007 VX-1 just died

My VX-1 decided to become lifeless. I have been away for an extended time and when coming back home I plug-in my VX1 and nothing happens. No life at all. Display does not lit up. The scooter had been charged up at least twice while I was gone (5 months). Can anyone give me clue as to where to start looking for problems? Could the charger be dead?

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CuMoCo's VX-1

As posted on other threads CuMoCo took the plunge and bought one of the VX-1's at "fire sale" prices off of ebay. On the one hand I realize that this is somewhat predatory, but on the other hand it gets us a bike and we can (a) use it for our own benchmarking & (b) help give back to the community with stuff that we learn.

Not that there will necessary be all that much new to learn because Mik (and others) have already "blazed a trail" of impressive breadth and depth.

The first two modifications planned are:

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