Electric Motorcycle Fire: Was It Battery or BMS Problem--Seeking Explanations

How can we determine if our electric motorcycle had a BMS? We imported 2 electric motorcycles in late 2010. They were ordered with a 5000W motor and 72V90AH LiFePO4 battery packs with a BMS. They were routinely charged and test ridden. One bike had about 500 miles. A few weeks ago, it was ridden 20 miles and parked. Approximately 50 minutes after the ignition was turned off, the bike burst into flames and was demolished. Fire marshall determined no signs of foul play. We trying to determine the cause. We are speculating that the battery pack was NOT LiFePO4. We are also speculating that there was no BMS installed, because we cannot find any circuitry between the + and - terminals. How can we verify if there is a BMS? Is there any other way to determine by examining the other bike? We are looking for answers to this safety issue.

12 inch scooter motor

12 inch hub motor with tyre 36v 250w for electric scooter. Rated voltage:36v Rated power:250w Dropout size:125mm Weight:4.6kg

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60 volt controller & motor

Hi to everyone, I'm working on upgrading an electric scooter and wanted to know if anyone has a 1500w 60v controller and a matching motor. Or know where to get one that won't ask questions when it pertains to shipping to Canada and our laws about power ratings. The rear rim it has to fit is 16" diameter. The white one is the one I need the parts for.

DIN rail mount DC-DC Converters

Current Logic now introduce a new series of DIN rail DC-DC Converter. They can quickly snap onto a DIN rail with built-in DIN rail clips that require no additional brackets.

First made converter in din rail mountable enclosure is a 24V to 12V converter with rated power at 100W (120W max). It is for industrial use and is more tightly regulated than former 24V to 12V converter. The module also has an adjustable output from 11~13V. This give user more convenience in designing their own system.

Electric Scooter Poblem

I bought an electric scooter that has 2 motors one in the front wheel and one in the back wheel for some reason the back motor only works when it wants too. I have no idea what to do or the make or modle of this scooter. Any help would be gratefully appreciated.

Thank You

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Zhejiang Haoren Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd.electric scooter Manufacturer electric moped - in 2012 year

Zhejiang Haoren Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd.Established in 2002, which is located in Zhejiang , near Shanghai. We manufacture and export the electric vehicle include EEC electric motorcycle , EEC electric moped,electric scooter,electric bicycle,Electric Dirt bike,Electric Pocket Scooter, we also can manufacture different power of motor, controller .

Zhejiang haoren has a great R&D department which covers more than 400 square meters, and owns more than 200 staff members with senior & intermediate technical titles. We are ready to provide you with OEM services. With our joint effort, haoren Vehicle have been CE, EEC, UL, EPA, CARB and ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System certified. haoren Vehicle always develops 5 new scooters every year to meet different requirements from different markets.

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GOING Green Green Green !

Welcome to this ANYTHING GREEN " Blog.
Recently we have been discussing researching ways to make energy free or near free, YES we know perpetual motion is impossible as everything including the sun runs down someday (billions of years), BUT some things offer for at least your life time a kind of a free ride, such as : Solar (not cheap to buy , but it does provide a kind of free energy for years), Sterling Engine (invented by a pastor in the 1600's in england it is said to be 50% (amazingly) efficient which is way above gas cars (ICE's) NOTE: IMHO the sterling engine is a combination of the hot air engine (really! ) they used in the orange industry in the south to provide a low HP power for orange sorting and crating equipment, (the hot air engine on display in debary fl museum at Debary Hall uses a firebox in which you build a fire of coal or wood and it heats air which pushes a piston, which turns a flywheel connected to a drive belt , when the piston reaches its limit, the hot air is let out, the piston (helped by the flywheel ) retreats, and the whole cycle begins again. Other types we are looking at are believe it or not: magnetic engine motors either totally free or low energy input ( "HOPING" for larger energy output).. its a shot in the dark as everyone agrees that the idea seems doomed from the onset as it seems to violate the law of conservation of energy, but on the other hand... instead of sitting in the dark in the cave, we now have light and heat etc because of inventors who refused to believe the "experts", (personally I think its a vague impossibility but its fun to look at all the tries that others have done, (search Magnetic motor on YouTube to find all the countless different designs and claims ,, two in particular to me seem on the "verge" of "maybe" being "possibly" viable..
You may know of the "perpetual" clock in the Smithsonian uses the motion of the earth to get its pendulum energy, and runs "free" forever for our lifetimes anyway. (we are upset with Smithsonian because the took the EV1 Rave Review Electric Car out at the request of GM ; GM sold the nimh 15 min electric car battery patent to Texaco in the 1999's and since then gasoline has skyrocketed)
Other ideas are a solar motor that tracks the sun using a parabolic mirror arrangement and perhaps a sterling or other type engine that can use the solar heat to power a perhaps 5hp engine.. 5hp seems low but really it would power a 2000 watt generator perhaps all day long on sunny days and really cut down your electric bill.. also function as emergency power, also could charge your electric car or bike.
I'd like to know how the electric bike batteries are holding up ?
Best Regards to all sincerely peaceful green people in the world !

crystalye motor

Hi i am planning on buying a electric motor for my push bike and im am told that crystalyte are one of the best on the market, but i am not sure witch one to use, im looking for a motor witch will give me the highest speeds. could anyone point me in the right direction.

Electric bike journey

Why electric bicycles

1. Power Assisted Cycling for hill climbs, headwinds and distances
Use our unique high torque drive system, along with good old fashioned leg power to effectively flatten hills and overcome headwinds. Climb over 1 in 10 (10%) grades and clear 1 in 7 (14%) with ease. This boosted sensation of cycling with our 370Wh Li+ Polymer battery widens your horizon, allowing you to take in the sights more while smoothing out stresses.
2. Low Running Costs
Although costing more than a conventional bike, our selection of high quality componentry ensures superb comfort and durability, while electricity is so cheap as to be largely irrelevant. There is some depreciation in battery capacity over time and the batteries are recycled when spent.
Electric bike costs however should really be compared to other vehicles, where an electric bike replaces car mileage and parking costs, mopeds or public transport, you'll find that an eZeebike can save you a great deal of money.
3. Faster Travel
In theory a car can average high speeds, but in practice speeds often fall below 10mphs in cities. The problem is congestion. Take full advantage of ever expanding cycle networks and facilities to realize faster door-to-door journey times more than any other transport mode. This has been proven in almost all cases of eZeebike users.
4. No Sweat, No Lycra
While not an issue when you're out on a leisurely ride, it important if you're cycling to work. You won't perspire as going faster gives you a 'wind chill' effect. To maintain schedule in hot weather, transfer more load to the motor. In colder weather or when you feel in need of exercise - throttle back or turn the motor off.
Shower facilities for cyclists provided by employers and establishments are rare. An eZee electric bike allows you to arrive at your destination fashionably fresh.
5. Fitness
That a conventional bike will keep you fitter is merely conventional notion. Research has shown that half of conventional bikes are used only once or twice a week and less than 1/3 are being used once a fortnight or even less. By contrast, a recent survey of electric bicycle owners reveals that 1/3 ride their bike at least once a day and 81% use the bike at least once a week. The figures confirm our experience that an electric bike typically gets used at least twice as often as a conventional machine.
Because cycling an eZeebike is so much more enjoyable in hilly country, against strong winds and while carrying heavy loads, riders tend to frequent make use of them. Constant and light exercise has been proven to be greatly beneficial to health.
6. Clean & Green
Electric bikes consumes about 1 kwh for 100 kms. When including the environmental cost of growing and processing food, an electric bicycle is more green than a conventional one. At an average rate of 100 to 150 watts of electric energy, the electric bike consumes a hundred times less energy than a car (i.e. 15,000 watts) in urban environments. An eZee electric bike achieves close to 2,000 mpg, there is no other commercially available vehicle can even comes close to what an eZee electric bicycle can do.
7. Genuinely Sustainable
Electric bicycles can be made genuinely sustainable. Recharging the battery from a 'green' source, or when you generate your own electricity with solar or wind will bring an eZeebike's fuel consumption to zero. Current methods of modern food production and distribution are so fuel-intensive and unsustainable that consumption of a typical conventional cyclist isn't so good. Transportation makes up a quarter of world CO2 emissions, transportation and home are the two most important sectors where an individual can make a change.
8. Yes it’s motorized, but it's still a bicycle.
Skip MOT, log books, auto insurance and all the rest of the baggage that comes with cars and scooters. For legislative purposes, an eZee electric bicycle is treated just like an ordinary bicycle. In fact, many governments, businesses and institutions are encouraging the purchase of electric bikes with incentives and providing new and green infrastructure for cycling. There's no compulsion to do anything but enjoy yourself.
9. We use it and we love to show it.
We are committed to breaking stale perceptions of commuting by encouraging greater use of electric transport for environmental and health reasons. We continually look to improving our designs and tailoring them for your requirements and we ride our bikes through the toughest conditions out there possible. Simply put, we are committed to making the best electric bike there is.
10. Fun & Simple
It just feels good to be cycling, outdoors in the sun, with the wind rushing by, without the strain, discovering the sights and sounds, its the feeling of being able to do more than you possibly could, its the freedom of mobility.

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