Cheetah, couple more pictures

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Oh, just a couple of pictures from a few months back


A wiring diagram of my battery pack. All wires are within an 1/8" of each other, 2 parallel, 2 series. Buddy paired, wires to and from pack balanced.


And a photogragh of the wiring, disorganized?, nah, just effective.


In the above photo, the batteries are not matched. The pair on the right, are 1 year and 1 month old, have 3196.2 miles on them. They were used on my previous bike, charged with a faulty soneil 2409s 24 volt charger, 200+ deep cycles on that bike, probably an additional 400 50% discharge cycles on this bike. The pack on the left was purchased for this bike to double its ah capacity, battery bottom left, 8 months old, top left, a couple of weeks old. So, pretty well matched up batteries. Nah, still get me around. Did a 9 mile ride, to the lawn mower shop, then to my Dad's house. Mowed his yard, played in the garden. When the batteries said full, I went to the bike shop, a 12.6 mile ride from Dad's to the bike shop and home. Very windy today, average speed 18.4mph, top speed 29mph, "tried" to keep my cruising speed about 25mph. Batteries were getting tired that last mile. My 8" disc brake came, with the necessary adaptor for the hayes mx2, I'll put that disc on tommmorrrow.

My range, with my gear changes, is still as good as it was 8 months and 2000 miles ago. When these batteries go, maybe a motorcycle rear wheel, bigger motor, register it as a moped. Really thinking about that etek ac with a sevcon controller for this bike, 36 or 48 volt, will have to sit down and figure out speed and range, probably 36 volt with 3 odyssey pc1700 68 ah, thats what I'm thinking,


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