120v battery pack

i need a battery pack of 120 volts for a motorcycle. i'm on a bugdet. so does anyone have any suggestion on small, powerfull batteries that i could use.

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Possibly the best battery would be an arrangement of 33 series connected Lithium-Polymer modules. This would give a peak voltage, at full cherge, of 138.6 volts, and a discharged voltage of 99 volts, for an average voltage near 120 volts. These cells are readily available in the 10 ampere-hour size, with a 20 second or better discharge capability of up to 20 C, or 200 amperes! If you utilized 132 cells of this type,(33 modules of 4 cells in parallel) connected in series-parallel, you would have a battery capable of 40 Ampere-Hours, at 120 volts, for about 4.8 KWH of energy storage, with a weight of less than 175 pounds. Such a battery could give around 50-60 miles range, at speeds of 60 MPH, if used with a good motor and chassis. (Peak discharge capability would be about 800 Amperes, or 96 KW/ about 120 Horsepower!---THAT would be REAL performance, but purchase price would not be cheap, possibly near $4,000.00 at todays prices. Using CHEAP batteries, such as Lead-Acid, you could purchase 10 batteries, rated at 12 volts and 17 to 20 ampere-hours, for about $1,000.00 total. This lead acid arrangement would yield a full-charge voltage of 140 volts, and a discharged voltage of about 110 volts, and a range of around 1/4 the distance, with about 1/4 the peak horsepower of the lithium battery, but the weight would be nearly the same, and the number of times you could sucessfully recharge the lead-acid battery after use would be much less, about 200 to 300 times, as opposed to perhaps 1,000 times for the lithium---Because of this, the lithium is much cheaper on a "Miles Per Dollar" basis.---Good luck.--Bob

Robert M. Curry

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I am preparing to repower my vectrix. 42 Sky energy 40AH cells for a pack voltage about the 130 -> 140 mark. including simple BMS about $4000AUD

Peak discharge rates are significantly lower than the Lipo cells mentioned above. Peak power about 30kw, storage capacity about 4.4kWh.

Advantages over Lipo:
these are LiFePO4 chemistry, considered safer by many. Meant to achieve 2 -> 3000 charge cycles

These cells are packaged to go, simple bolt together terminals. Lipo pouch cells connections are a bit trickier. they also need extra support and packaging fabricated by you.

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