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XM-2000 mods

Hi, XM owners of the world unite! (Other non XM brands welcome as long as they work with our beloved (and most misunderstood scoot).

Please only post links to mods in this thread (not the mods themselves). If you want to comment on a particular mod then please place your comment on the mod's page/blog entry/forum post itself (i.e. post the comment on the destination of the link not here).

This way we should get a reasonably compact "how to do stuff" listing ...

John H.

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XM-2000 by JDH: A simple battery compartment modification

Mod: Moving the battery around
Benefit: More under seat storage
Cost: $0*
Complexity: Easy

* cost based on materials I had to hand

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XM2000 by JDH: Scooting around Ann Arbor

Well I had planned to have done some of the mods by now - alas "real life" (tm) got in the way. So, instead here are some photos of me scooting around Ann Arbor (OK, I'm not sure anyone else wants to see these - but it's my blog, right ;) )

Based on a post from GMan from an email he received:

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XM-2000 by JDH: 100+ miles and my first electrical fire...

Ride Report - the first 100 miles

OK - so I've ridden my XM-2000 about 100+ miles now. I've taken it to work and back (24 mile round trip) a couple of times. It cruises fine at 40mph - but it takes too long to get there. Up hills it drops to around 30mph. The stretches of 50mph limit road are where I start holding up traffic - oh well! I always ride close to the side and don't much mind if people squeeze past.

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XM-2000 by JDH: The Back Story & First Impressions

My scoot happily charging away...

Today (July 25th, 2007) I got my X-Treme XM-2000. You can check out this [node:1478] for lots of details of the XM-2000.

I got the blue one (which apparently is less popular than the red one - which confirms my suspicions that I don't know squat when it comes to fashion ;) ).

Back Story (or why I got an XM-2000)

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