Zapino 2008 Scooter

I just got a new 2008 Zapino scooter and it is giving me trouble. The problem is when you accelorate it starts to go and then stopps running if you let off the throtle you can start again and it does the same thing. Any suggestions

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umm you say new but your also saying 2008

I had a problem ware the cable for break was getting pinched
and when I used the throttle the regenertive part was activated
which made the motor stop working

once I moved the cable to ware it needed to be that fixed the problem

do you get up to full speed ?

on the E-bike I got there is a button for slow and fast speed

dose it happen on either setting ?

things to look at hope it's one of those

my only other guess is throttle or computer or the motor

the throttle cheap to replace but it might be a simple wire problem with it

the other two cost a bit more ergo the motor being the most expensive

I hope one of my simple idea's fixes the problem

as I just found out on the web
yours is gas not electric

so that changes ware the problem would be

one or two of my thoughts may carry over
but this means it's more of mechanical problem

it could be it's not getting enough air
or enough gas

which will mess up the mixture
causing it to cut out

also the posobilty there is water in the gas
or the gas is old and needs to be replaced

or things get too warm
so it blocked lines

if oil is part of it then it should be changed

things to look at and a bit easier to fix then the electric bike I have

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