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I must say "FARE-WELL" my friends. I just lost my job TODAY! So....I will be posting my V up for sale ASAP! I'll place it on EBAY for now I guess. It has 800 miles, an all weather cover, and a buddy "Love Handle" belt(very cool-look it up), for the extra rider. SHEESH! I haven't even got it dirty to wash it, it's so new! My tummy is turning just typing this! My Vectrix lives in Omaha, Nebraska,...if anyone cares.BUT HEY! It has been a great website to chat with fellow "FlyingV"s. Shall I post A few photos of my sad wake? Will someone feel badly of me posting photos of the passing? She was a great member of the family, even for the short time we had together, she WAS everything I dreamed she would I must...let her go........

Thanks for all your input bloggers!

Stuart Neal
cell propelled
stupenduss [at]


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