Constant Current DC-DC Converter

The -40~80 degree working temperature DC-DC converter I mentioned last time(12v to 24v, 500W), results in a piece of 220*165*75mm, 4.5 kg rock. Water-proof, shock resistant and other protection like short-circuit, lack input voltage etc.

The client couldn't agree to compromise on the temperature, and the unit price finally come to about $260 for 100 pcs quantity.

I'd like to post the picture of the device, however, it may bother the buyer since it was an OEM product. And it doesn't look very nice. Looking is not that important, right?

These days, we have some constant current DC-DC converter (as LED driver) projects running. Here are two typical modules in volume production already:

  • 1. 12VDC input, 5.5VDC output (open load), 55W power (10A constant current), effeciency 88%. Size 150*40*25mm
  • 2. 10~30VDC input, 36VDC output (open load), 25W power (700mA constant current),effeciency 93%. Size 85*40*35mm

We have many more constant current modules on the shelf, this 2 are typical for both boost and buck modules.

One interesting project on going is an adjustable constant current DC-DC converter. User can choose the constant current level whenever needed. It is a 12VDC input to 36VDC output module, max current level is 3A.
The mayjor problem will be the case temperature. When the output is 3A, the input half of the module will be above 9A. The module may come out at the end of Sep. I'll post when positive news comes up.

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Another constant current dc-dc converter as LED driver:

  • Input: 12VDC
  • Max input current: 950mA
  • Output: 35VDC
  • Output Current: 300mA (Error <5%)
  • Ripple: <300mV
  • Efficiency: 93%
  • Size: 50.8*32.32*15.8mm

Our website had been down during Sep. 26 till Sep. 29 The hosting company was hacked.

Now the basic service are restored, though the email function is still down.

It is an even sadder tragedy that visitors' register info are gone forever..

Anyway, what's gone is gone. I hope anyone re-visit this blog entry see this message: is back, welcome to visit.

Wish you all the best!

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