Adjustable Constant Current DC-DC Converter For Solar LED Applications

The current adjustable DC-DC converterin my last post has come out this month. It takes more time to develop than we expected.

The most charming feature of this module is that users can control the output current with potentiometer on board. Current can be set at any number between 750mA ~ 3A, power 2W ~ 100W. This means that user will have most elastic options in different power/current level designs.

We developed 2 types (let's call them A type and B type), whose general function are the same, but also have their own characteristics. Both of them takes 10~30 VDC input, so they can be used both in 12V and 24V applications.

A type: non-isolated, output voltage range=2~30V. Which means that it can power 1 to 10 LEDs, with constant current level set by user. This is module is really nice for its 'universal' character. Waterproof, size=74×73×27mm, weight=320g

B type: isolated, output voltage has to be greater than input, less than 30V. That is, when the input is 12V, output range will be 12~30V. Open frame, size~=60*75*25mm

We also plan to make a isolated A type. But it will depends on whether this existing A is well received by customers.

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