XYM hub motors on E-Bay

I ordered a 48v 1000W hub motor off of E-bay from Xym corp in china, It says this wheel motor is available in 24,26,28 inch wheels and also a choice of front or rear motor. I ordered the item off of E-bay and the order went through, but not once did E-bay ask what size wheel I want or front or rear. I want a rear wheel 26 inch. How do I know what I'm gonna get now?



I figured out how to do it through Ebay customer service, you send a message to the sender with the specs you require DDuuhh.
I'm about to purchase it, Anybody have any luck with these motors, all opinions are welcome good or bad. They are the black hubs from China with the silver striped rings on it.YXM corp.

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This raises a couple questions for me ...

ebay isn't the best environment for this sort of sale, is it? They're attuned to selling a specific thing in a specific auction. So if you want a more customizable shopping experience then maybe it's better to go to a shop that lets you easily choose exactly what you want.

What if this think is DoA or breaks? How do you get warranty support from China?

I have a kit from e-BikeKit and while it doesn't have 1000W it's a fabulous kit and easily does 22+ miles/hr.

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Maybe you were right, but I already ordered the kit, it has arrived, however the battery, and motor came seperate, and probably from a different source than the wheel obviously, the battery has a red and brown wire and the wheel has a brown and blue wire, how do I know what to connect, I do not want to do it wrong and have the whole thing catch on fire.

Use a volt meter.

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