Here is my modded Schwinn Stealth 1000

Here is my modified Schwinn 1000 (mine is in the rear, with the deck and rear basket.)


You can see that the stock batteries have been replaced by four 18AH powersonic batteries. The stock battery pack would just barely get me to work (5.5 miles) when new. After a few months, with a headwind, on a cold day I would end up walking the last bit. I think this new 50 lb. pack will perform a bit better :P My 36V packs still have 80% of the rated capacity, too bad I need about 85% to do my commute.

My longest ride so far on the new pack has been 13 miles. Still had about 12.5V left on the batteries, I would guess I have at least 20 mile range now. When my batteries are old and decrepit I can still make the 5.5 mile ride to work, so I will get a lot more value out of the batteries. The speed increase with 48V doesn't hurt either. 36V gives about 18MPH, 48V gives around 24MPH. I did hit 26.5MPH on a straight away, but the motor was starting to sound like a dremel tool...

Here is a close up of the deck and basket.


Here is a gratuitous pic from another angle.


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Are the motor and controller the same? I mean did you just add a 12 v batt in series with the existing components?

Same motor and controller, I put in 4 new 12V batteries. They are under the plastic tub.

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