The "Cheetah" Forks

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Oh Boy!!

OOOOHWEEE!! OH MY GOSH!! Look out Ethel!!!

I promise, better pics, started raining down here again or I would have taken some REAL pics.

These 888 VF BOMBER FORKS. Now I'm suspended. Holy mackeral!!

What a difference. First time I have spent $526 and been happy. Was able to get about a 10 mile ride in before this tropical storm blew in to Dallas.

Perfect ride, and to top it off, the Hayes MX-2 6" rotor brakes don't screech at all on this Bomber fork. No stiction, no flex when braking. I even felt the rear suspension doing something.. Tracks very nicely. Handling, nothing short of superb!!!

I always felt the limit to this bike to be in the low 30 mph range. With this fork 30 mph is nothing. Will need to upgrade the brakes, I'll try a 8" disc, won't cost $25 dollars to do that. I also have to figure out a way to mount a disc brake on the rear,, gotta be able to stop. Thinking of that briggs and stratton 48 volt motor, the ac etek, Mr Bidwell was'nt kidding when he said this was designed for up to 45 mph!!!


I really need to work on fendors. Then legal lights. This is really a nice ride now, a little more speed and it will be safe to register at least in the moped class.


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