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Well, Folks
I been complaining a lot, so I finally buckled down, had a sheet of stainless steel. Got out the jig saw, cut me out a fender. Mounted my lights to it. Will probably go with one light, just put a better bulb in. That's for the future. A little clean up on the wiring too.
Did a little welding. MIG, no. To much emphasis. I own a little 110 mig. It basically has one purpose in life. Friend of mine builds restaurants. Lots of restaurants. He is a plumber and an electrician. Contracts the whole job. To meet fire code, all the stainless steel above the cooktops and the flues, has to be welded. My little 110 volt lincoln has a bottle of gas, is light enough to transport easily. Does the job, welding the flues on the jobsite, lord is it slow. I'd be concerned, welding this bike with it. Fire code, to check the welds, the inspector puts a light in the flue, then checks the outside, to see if any light shines thru. Not checking for strength. If I weld stainless at the shop, I have a small Hobart handler, 165 amp, 220, comes with a small enough gun and nozzles, real good for light gauge stainless, and, will weld 1/4" plate, single pass. Costs about the same as a 110 volt lincoln.

Now this is a Lincoln, learned to weld with this, ran a lot pounds of rod, over the years. Does it all, simple, quick, nice for small work, will weld 1/2" plate, if you need to.


Making a little bracket, to hang a small necessary bag from, bag rattles too much, hanging off the front fork.


Chose a 6013 rod, 1/8" good all purpose rod, ready, aim,

Here's the weld, now, if I hit that slag, and it comes off in one piece, generally, the weld is good.

Well, not bad looking, slag fell off, pressed it with my finger, would pass an inspection, concave, no undercut, Maybe 5 or 10 second weld time. With my 110 mig, this weld would have taken 45 to 60 seconds, to get the same penetration. Maybe longer, man, those little migs are slow.


Bracket done,
What's that at the top of the photo, hmmm thyme


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