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EV and EV Related Web Pages
EV and Hybrid Discussion Lists
EV Battery Manufacturers
EV Clubs and Organizations
EV Component Manufacturers
EV Dealers and Rental Agencies
EV Magazines and Newsletters
EV Manufacturers and Converters
EV Parts Suppliers
EV Photo Albums
EV Plans Sources
EV Racing Sites and Organizations
EV Technical Reference Sources
EV Test/Research Projects
EVs For Sale
High School and University EVs
Misc. EV Information Sites
Personal EV Sites
Surplus Parts and Electronics Sources
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EV and Hybrid Discussion Lists
C-Car: Citicarand Comutacar discussion group
ET List: Electrifying Times discussions, a magazine about electric vehicle
EV: a searchable archive of the EV Discussion List
EV Discussion List: THE international EV email discussion group
EVMailing List: This is the EV Discussion List archive.
Honda Insight: HondaInsight hybrid discussion group
Solectria EV: Solectria discussion group
TEVan: Dodge TEVan discussion group
Toyota Prius: Toyota Prius hybrid discussion group
US Electricar: US Electricar discussion group
WWWatts: a comprehensive blog and podcast directory for electric vehicle blogs
Zappy: Zappy scooter discussion group
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EV Battery Manufacturers
C & D Technologies: (formerly Dynasty Johnson Controls)
Discover: batteries
Douglas: batteries
EnerSys: Odyssey batteries
Everspring Global Limited: Lithium ion Batteries
Exide: batteries
Optima: batteries
Trojan: batteries
U.S. Battery: batteries
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EV Clubs and Organizations
100 Mile Per Charge Club: Florida
Australian Electric Vehicle Association: electric vehicle club
Durham Electric Vehicle Association: Bowmanville, Ontario
Elec-Trak Owner's Club: dedicated to the GE, Wheel Horse, and New Idea Electric Tractors
Electric Auto Association: National EAA web site, includes numerous chapters,see thier website for nearest group
Electric Drive Transportation Association: (formerly Electric Vehicle Association of the Americas)
Electric Vehicle Association of Finland: organization promoting electric vehicles
Electric Vehicle Council of Ottawa: organization promoting electric vehicles
EV-1 Owners Club: electric vehicle club
Honda EV+ Electric Vehicle Drivers: electric vehicle club
Japan Electric Vehicle Club Aichi: electric vehicle club
Japan Electric Vehicle Club Matsumoto: electric vehicle club
National Electric Drag Racing Association: electric drag racing
Solectria Owners Website: Solectria owners
UK Battery Vehicle Society: electric vehicle club
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EV Component Manufacturers
4QD: Controllersand indicators
Adlee Powertronic Co., LTD: BrushlessDC Motors for driving Electric Vehicle
Advanced DC Motors: EV motors
Analytic Systems: Inverters, Chargers and DC Converters
Anderson Power Products: Heavy duty connectors
AVCON: EV charging stations and receptacles
AVT: "SuperMotor"
BRUSA Electronic: AC drive systems
Cafe' Electric: Homeof 'Zilla (awesome controllers)
Canadus: Can-Pulse battery maintenance system
CoherentPower, LTD.: Battery chargers and DC/DC converters.
Current Logic Group, Ltd: DC-DC converters and chargers
Curtis Instruments: Controllersand more.
D & D Motor Systems, Inc.: DC electric motors and controllers
DE HAARDT: controllers and remote control equip. for go-karts and small Evs
EV Components, LLC: manufacturer of the Zilla controllers
EVInstruments: makers of the MiMod EV, an integrated system that can control and monitor EV systems
Flight Systems Industrial Products: forklift parts and GE controller service
GeneralElectric: Motors and controls
Guest: Battery chargers
Iota: battery chargers and dc-dc converters
Kilovac: Contactors
Kostov Motors: AC and DC motors
LEMCO: Motors
ManzanitaMicro: Mega-battery chargers and battery regulators.
Net-Gain: Awesome DC drive motors
Piktronik: battery chargers,PM DC drive controllers, sensorless AC drive controllers, DC/DC converters
PowerDesigners: Charge controllers, equalizers,and battery monitors
Prestolite: Motors and chargers
Russco: battery chargers
Watermaster: Battery watering system.
Xantrex: (formerly Cruising Equipment) Makers of the famous E-meter, now known as the LinkPRO
ZAPI: controllers and chargers
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EV Dealers and Rental Agencies
Electric Scooters are Fun: electric scooter retailer
Midget Motors: Gizmo distributor
SD Scooters: Electric Scooters
UrbanScooters.com: Electric scooter and bicycle retailer
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EV Magazines and Newsletters
Electrifying Times: Cool magazine!
EV WORLD --The Future In Motion: An EV Net-zine.
EVCircuit Newsletter: newsletter (no longer maintained)
EVOnline: an online history of electricvehicles
Home Power Magazine: While not an EV magazine, they do have a regular EV section
Nuts & Volts Magazine: For the serious gadgeteer
V is for Voltage: electric scooters
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EV Manufacturers and Converters
3XE - electric cars: EV conversions, Wroclaw, Poland
ACPropulsion Inc.: advanced AC drives and conversions
Ampmobile Conversions: EV conversions in South Carolina
Apollo Energy Systems: Silver Volt II
AVT: EV, conversions and hybrids
Blindspot Cycles: electric motorcycle conversions
Bob's EV Conversions: electric car conversions
Canadian ElectricVehicles LTD.: EV conversions in Canada
CommuterCars: Builders of the "Tango" tandem EV
Currie Technologies: Home of US ProDrive Electric Scooters and Electric Bicycles.
Detroit EV: electric and plug in hybrid conversions
Dynasty Motor Car: LSV/NEV manufacturer
Electric Blue Motors: electric car and truck conversions
Electric Vehicle Concepts: electric car, truck, and boat conversions
Electric Vehicle Supply: electric car and truck conversions
Electric Vehicle Systems: EV conversions in Wocester, Massachusetts
EV Blue: electric car and truck conversions
EV Innovations Inc: electric car and truck conversions
EV Propulsion: EV conversions
EV4U Custom Conversions: electric car conversions
EVie Conversions: electric car conversions
EVolve Electrics: EV parts and plug-in hybrid kits
evShop: electric car conversions
Feel Good Cars: Slick little Zenn electrics
Frazer-Nash: prototype electric vehicles
GEM: a unique NEV
Gorilla Vehicles: Handy single seat electric utility vehicles
Green Motors Inc.: electric and plug in hybrid conversions
Greenshed Conversions: electric car and truck conversions
Horlacher.AG: Custom light EV prototypes
ISE Corporation: Heavy hybrid and EV trucks
JMJ Electric Vehicles: electric car and truck conversions
LionEV: electric car and truck conversions
Midget Motors: a new NEV based on the classic King Midget microcar
NORAM Concepts Inc.: electric roadster replica
Pioneer Conversions: electric and plug in hybrid conversions
RCN Motors LLC: electric car and truck conversions
REVA: India's first electriccar
Revolt Custom Electric Vehicles: electric car and truck conversions
Taylor-Dunn: Industrial EVs
Tesla Motors: awesome new electric vehicles
TWIKE: human-electric hybrid
ZAP: EV, electric bikes and power assist kits
ZWheelz: electric and plug in hybrid conversions
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EV Parts Suppliers
Canadian Electric Vehicles Ltd.: EV parts and conversions
Electric Vehicles of America, Inc.: electric vehicle parts
ElectroAutomotive: electric vehicle parts
EV Components, LLC: EV parts and supplies
EV Propulsion: motors, adapter kits, chargers, controllers, battery boxes ect.
EV Source: Zilla controllers and Manzinta Micro chargers
EVParts: formerly Wilde Evolutions
EVsNorth West: electric bikes
Grassroots Electric Vehicles: motors, controllers, and more
KTA ServicesInc.: Nice folks
Largo Scooters: Stealth Hub ebike conversion kits
MES-DEA: Zebra batteries, Mes-Dea inverters, AC motors and accessories for Italian market
Metric Mind: Siemens AC drive motors and controlers
Nu-Kar Electric Vehicles: Citicar and Comutacar Parts
SD Scooters: Electric scooterparts
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EV Photo Albums
EVCO Electrathon: pictures from the 1999, 2000, and 2001 Electathon races
The EV Discussion List Photo Album: THE place to see EVs from around the world
The Triangle EAA Picture Gallery: electric vehicle photos
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EV Plans Sources
Built For Fun Electric Vehicles: DIY plans for karts and buggys
Drive Electric: EV3 Tri-Electric
Electric Bicycle (Slipstream): DIY plans and parts for the Slipstream electricbike
Robert Q. Riley Enterprises: Electric and hybrid DIY plans.Projects
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EV Racing Sites and Organizations
Demsey's World Record Associates: electric streamliner "White Lightning" did 245.524 mph.
ElectrifiedMotor Sports: Dennis "Kilowatt" Berube's EV Dragster
EVCOElectrathon: from the Electric Vehicle Council of Ottawa
Juiced Drag Racing: building and racing electric motorcycles
National ElectricDrag Racing Association: electric drag racing
Plasma Boy Racing: John Wayland and company blow it up so you won't have to!
Suck Amps EV Racing: The home of Gone Postal as seen on the Discovery Channel!
The Winston Solar Challenge: solar car team
TheElectric Barstool Racers: You have to see these in action to believe them!
World Solar Challenge: solar cars across Australia
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EV Technical Reference Sources
Battery Percent Discharge: Comparison between various EV batteries.
Comutacar Bumper Retrofit: What to do when the bumpers fall off.
EPA Fuel Economy: complete list of the EPA fuel economy results for recent years
EV Technical Files: Some handy info on the EV Album website
Motor Performance Data: Graphs and drawings of Baldor, GE, and Prestolite EV
Power Brakes/Vacuum Pumps: A nice website with information on the GM 12 volt vacuum pumps
So You want To Build an Electric Car: Where to begin
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EV Test/Research Projects
Acterra: MG Midget conversion, and operating manual.
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EVs For Sale
EV Finder: Evs for sale
The EV Tradin' Post: EVs and parts wanted and for sale
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High School and University EVs
Clarkson University: Solar Knights
Kansas State University: Apollo
Kennedy High School: Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Kettering University: Formula Lightning Race Team.
Topsail High School: Hampstead, North Carolina Indy and Open Wheel Type Cars
University of Quebec: Eclipse II
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Misc. EV Information Sites
DarrylMcMahon's EV History Page: You name it, its here.
Electric Car Conversions, Cost and ROI Details: showing cost/range/speed comparions for EV conversion
EV Search: search engine for electric vehicle related websites
EV-Info: overview of all EV manufacturers, dealers, and products
High Performance Electric Cars: a roundup of high performance Evs
hybridCARs: the latest info on hybrid and electric cars
Megawatt Motorworks: An electric vehicle information center with links to hundreds of electric vehicles
My Cool Electric Car: beginner's guide to electric cars and other Beginner's guide to electric cars and other electric vehicles.<
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Personal EV Sites
Bedford: Electric van in the UK
Chevrolet S-10: Jim Coate's very clean conversion
Chevrolet S-10: Mark Brueggemann's neat project, and more
Chevrolet S-10: Bob Taylor's conversion.
Citicar: John Buckman has sold his Citicar but he still has some great info on Citicar parts.
Citicar: Paul is restoring a 1976 Citicar
Citroen 2CV: a Citroen 2CV conversion in Japan
Comutacar: Scott Hull's C-cars and upgrades
Daihatsu Fellow Van: Interesting Japanese conversion.
Datsun Kingcab Pickup: Nice conversion
Ebike: Carl Chatfield's Electric Wedgie
Electric Bike: JB Straubel's electric bike
Electric Motorcycle: John Fairstein's Electric Motorcycle
Ford Escort: Kim and Jenny's "Buzz" a Jet Electrica Escort.
Ford Festiva: Brian has a new project going
Ford Fiesta: Interesting English conversion.
GM/Saturn EV-1: Dave and Jean's Chronicles.
GM/Saturn EV-1: Kris Trexler's on his Charge Arcross America
GM/Saturn EV-1: Peter Ohlers new EV.
Honda Civic: EV conversion
Honda CRX: Chris sold his CRX and got an EV-1.
Honda EV+: Life with the Honda EV+
Hyundai Excel: a very creative conversion
Jeep: Nick Viera's Cherokee conversion project.
Juiced Drag Racing: building and racing electric motorcycles
Killa-Cycle: Bill Dube's latest project.
Lectra: Matt's sweet electric motorcycle
Manx Dunebuggy: Scott's buggy, bike, and Comutacars
Maxion: Max Hall's Commutamatic II leaning 3 wheeler
Mazda 626: Jerry Halstead's conversion diary.
Mini: Kaptain Kleaver's Mini Pickup
Plymouth Horizon: Jet Electrica 007
Porsche 911T: D. M. Brockman's electric Porsche
Porsche 944: JB's cool project and pusher trailer
Renault 12: Darryl McMahon's Electric Vehicles, nice EV history page.
Saturn: Ken Norwick's online conversion diary
Solectria E-10: Tom Huson's new project
Solectria Force: Tom Hudson doesn't let cold weather stop him.
Solectria Force: Gordon Stallings' EV
Sparrow: No pictures but a day to day diary of life with an EV
Subaru Micro Van: Jon Eidson's Jet Electra Van 600
Subaru Sherpa:: Neat little EV in Queensland
Toyota Paseo: Peter Ohler's very nice conversion has been replaced withan EV-1.
Tropica: Brad Waddell's gorgeous EV.
Volkswagen Rabbit: Zig's Amazing Electric Vehicle
Volkswagen Rabbit: Bill Dube's Wild Electwik Wabbit
Volkswagen Rabbit: yduJ drives an electric car!
Volkswagen Rabbit: Mr.Sharkey's EV
Volkswagen Scirocco: Paul's clean project
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Surplus Parts and Electronics Sources
All Electronics Corp.: electronic components
Alltronics: electronic components
American Science & Surplus: misc surplus
B.G. Micro: Electronics, Kits, Surplus, Online Catalog
Fair Radio Sales Co.: electronic components and surplus
Grainger: Online catalog
Marlin P Jones & Assoc. Inc.: electronic components
McMaster-Carr: Online catalog
Mendelson's ElectronicsCo. MECI: electronic components
Northern Hydraulics Online: tools and equipement
Science Stuff: Supplierof science products and lab equipment.
The Surplus Center: misc surplus
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