New Baja Motorsports BE-500 Scooter, 145 miles so far...

I am new to all this electric stuff and really having a grand time with it. I have put 145 miles on my BE-500 so far, and only seem to be having a problem with the charger and charger light not going from red to green to let me know when it is fully charged. I would like to meet others who have the same bike and learn more about how I may care for and keep up my fun little ride. Open to any ideas. Thanks a ton!
-Ethan Tudor W. KEYWORD:Ethan Tudor W.
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Hi Ethan,

I have really enjoyed my BE-500 scooter too--don't know how many miles I've put on it, but a few. :)
I was wondering if you have run into issues with leaving it plugged in for extended periods of time? I've been doing that, and I recognize maybe it's not a good idea. I think I may have damaged the batteries--so now I will have to replace them. I came into the garage where I keep it and smelled something that seemed to indicate something was wrong and it seemed that the charger was still running. Since then they haven't charged properly. So once I replace them, I'll put the charger on a timer so it doesn't charge too often or too long.

Have you removed the governor so you can go up to 40 mph?


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