Dismantling the bike

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Dismantling the bike was an easy task. After getting the batteries off I Unscrewed everything. Now the bike looks like this !


There was a series of wires that were running from the back(where the controller is) to the front of the bike. I put an identification on every connector before disconnecting them.

After the almost everything was removed, the bike seemed so small ! I tried to put the new Extreme motor on the bike...haaaa deceptions, the new shaft is too big ! I will need to grind the frame a bit so that the shaft can fit. This also mean that my old nuts and washers used to fix the motor on the frame won't work ! The new instrumentation is also going to be a problem. The old speedometer was installed behind a plastic cover. I will try to cut that plastic cover to fit the new speedo.

Since the new parts I bought are not from the bike I just dismantled, the plugs on the new speedometer and controller are not the sames as the old one ! I will have to modify the plugs on the bike wiring so that everything connect easily and that every connection is secure.

The project is on his way, but it looks like I won't drive my Ebike Soon !


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