Fitting the new parts

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Fitting the new parts on the bike was a big job. The shaft on the new motor was too big for the frame and the new speedometer required some plastic cutting to be able to fit it in place.

To be able to install the motor I needed to grind some metal of the frame. I used a high speed rotation tool similar to "Dremel" and it worked well ! Now the motor fits in !


I can't fix the motor right now cause I don't have the drum brakes and the nuts. A guy at Extreme told me that everything needed to fix the motor on the bike is in the Rear Break Assembly kit(Extreme part number : XB600-160R)so I must order this soon. I was able to transfer the freewheel from my old motor to the new, but I lost a few bearings in the process(wich was a pain in the a**) so I will also order one of these because it is making strange sound. That's about it for the motor.

I asked my friend Pierre to help me with the speedo. Using the same high speed rotation tool, he was able to cut the plastic to make place for the new speedo. Now it fits right in, it's tight there, but I think it's going to be O.K., Thanks a lot Pierre !



***Next Post will be on the Electric rewiring***
Thanks a lot to milleym for giving us the wiring wiring Diagram of the XB-600 !

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