Fixing the motor to the bike.

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So I finally received the parts I needed to fix the motor on my bike frame. Dealing with Extreme Support on that issue was a pain.

First, when they sent the motor, there were no spacers, nuts and tab washers. I asked Extreme for parts : "needed to fix the motor on the bike frame". They sent me part number "XB600-160R" Rear Break Assembly.

This part was only a drum brake kit. Again they sent the part without any nuts or bolts to fix the brake on the bike frame(the brake also need to be fixed on the frame). Those nuts and bolts were easy to replace with something I had in the garage, but it's sad that Extreme always ship incomplete parts.

So I wrote them a email, telling them I needed theses number on the exploded view available on their website.

69. Nuts
70. Lock Washer
71.Axle Spacer
72.Free wheel
76.Rear Tire spacer
77.Lock Washer

They sent me parts number:

XUNIV-425 Chain Sprocket Free Wheel

XB600-115 Rear Wheel Lock Axle

Still no Nuts !! I could not go out with my scoot because of four nuts ! I was amazed at how bad there service is ! And I still don't know how it is possible to put a chain on that freewheel. I already had a freewheel from the origial Luyuan Bike (which was of better quality) but I had lost a few bearings in the transfer from the old motor. Using the bearings in the extreme freehweel and a bit of vaseline, I was able to put my old one on the Extreme motor without loosing any bearings in the process.

So I wrote them again that I needed those nuts. The service this time was great. They sent the 4 nuts for free with part number "XMISC Non Inventory Item " !! They also sent 2 tab washers with it, so at that time I had two sets of tab washers.

I fixed the motor on the bike, but since I had no washer, I was not able fix it correctly. I should have read this thread completely before going for my first ride.

I put the tab washer on the wrong side, and I did not tight the nuts enough.
More on my first ride in the next post !

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