My first ride

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I managed to mount the motor on the bike so I was ready to get key in and try it ! So I went outside, put the batteries in and then it worked ! But only for a few feet. After 1 second or two the power would cut off. I was not sure at that time what was the problem, so instead of dismantling the bike again, I just plugged in the charger. After about an hour charging the bike, I went outside for a second test...and it worked ! I was able to ride a bit around the house. So I plugged it in again, for about another hour.

After that hour, I was hungry so I decided to go to my friend's restaurant which is about 3km from where I was repairing the bike. Everything went well for 2.5km, but after that distance, the batteries were too low and I was experimenting cutoff again. Anyway, I was able to get there and my friend found me a plug so I could recharge my bike while eating my "shishtaouk" !

After 1h30 waiting for the charger to do his job, I tried to return home. Just when I got out of the parking lot, I hit a bump and the motor stopped working. I had to push the damn beast back home for 3km !! damn it is heavy !

Back home, I realized that the axle spun in the dropout and cut the wires of the motor. I was so sad !! 5 months of work just to be able to do 3km !


I did not had enough money to buy a new motor, and since winter was at our door, I could not have waited for the parts anyway if I wanted to ride before there would be snow outside.

The next day I was still on vacation so after a lot of thinking I decided to try to do the repair myself. I thought only the wires were cut and the rest was ok...all the 12v(head lamp, flashers, horn) and the keyswitch were working so maybe If i changed only the wires coming out of the motor everything would be fine again.

See how I did my repair on the next post !



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Boy does that look familiar. I made it just about a half mile on my first ride. At least your charger will have time to put a full charge on the pack by the time you get it together again. In my case, once I got it rewired, I found the short had also smoked my controller,so I hope you are luckier that I was. Look at all the posts about forks and dropouts, and try to figure out why yours spun. Many forks have a small cup built into them and when the oversise ebike washer spans that it can bend later, allowing the nut to get loose. Some forks just can't handle a front hub motor. The best ones are big and thick, like the bmx bikes have for jumping. Sometimes the most expensive bikes have forks pared down for lightness, when an ebike needs the big heavy dropouts.

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I recommend new lock washers. They're only $8 (I think). Then use Loctite blue on your nuts when you reinstall. It's worked quite well for me. Those babies haven't moved a bit.

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