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I ordered two new 20Ah LiFePO4 cells from Sam at Yesa on Tuesday to replace the two that were damaged (see "Fire is Bad"). Cost was $70 per cell and shipping from Hong Kong was $45. The cells arrived last night along with an individual cell charger. Sam asked me to send him a picture of the cell arrangement in the pack so he could have the tabs soldered in the correct orientation.

The red arrows indicate the bad cells.

Yesa's website gives pretty good instructions for replacing cells in a battery pack. I will apparently need use the single-cell charger on the new cells to adjust their voltage to match the older cells before the BMS can take over. I've also got some other fire-related damage to deal with, like replacing one of the charger wires with melted insulation, and finding some HDPE sheets and building a case for the repaired battery pack. Unfortunately my work schedule will probably not allow me to get this done until next weekend or later.


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