WARNING .Red light temp also Battery and caNbus Appears too PLEASE anbody have any ideas ????????????

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hi all .

can you help i have vectrix 8,500 miles to-date .
had new replacment batterys and temp sensor at yep 300 miles been running great since ..
yestaday noticed after tuning on ignition , red warninglight came on temp also battery aswell turned off and back on all good but after i came home.
i tryed to put scooter on cooldown / charge but scooter wouldn't have it it has decided it doesn,t want to be charged anymore all light came on stoped on for a wile and clock stoped mid flow and
then sterted up again but never tryed to charge even when pluged in caNbus come on also sayes range 0 all diles will not turn off ???????????? so i am asking for asistance please i apsulutlay love my vectrix and just want to ride her all the time ..

please please please any help is much aprecated to get her back on the road thanks kevin smith

aka eco kev.


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