OMG...................its miracle its sprung back to life...........WOW

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hi all i have had probblems with my beloved vectrix i do love this scooter ..
anyhow, i have again decided to look at my scooter and all the light were out on the dash they have been on for aprox 4 days

with the caNbus showing and the two redlights one for temp and battery .
and would not charge its seemd dead
well today all lights out nothing litup so i decided to put key in ignition and see what hapens WOW...
it sprung to life i/e all light poped on dash did its thing and reconfiggerd and i decided to put side stand up and the go apeard and
bike moved it works and then i decided to put on charge all good all that seems to of hapend is the fuel bars have gone out aprox 3 .

i will keep you all informed and help or idears and has this hapend on anyone befor ?????
or is this a new this

is this a normal thig to hapen that vectrix to spring to life after 4 days dyeing slow discharge?? thanks eco kev

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