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hi all wel what can i say.. had probblems with scooter not charging and i/e red lights keeps on sensor and battery aswell.

1 scooter wooden t charge up so left scooter turnd off lights / dash keeped on with caNbus showing..
2 so decided to use my other scooter and change the insurance over and also put vectrix on sorn that is letting the tax office no that the scooter will not be used and there for the tax 11 months will be void all done with little charge

3 well comming to the scooter yestaday i had let the scooter cool down for aprox 4/5 day and guess what.

4 it proved me wrong all worked well so today spent most of the morning chasing round the tax/ vehicle licence office and not forgetting the insurance company all done and changed over.

5 well now is where is its getting silly came to use my pride n joy vectrix yep you geussed it the RED LIGHTS FLASHING SENSOR AND BATTERY TOO....

6 so did normal start up and off to the post office all goo be lights still flashing but i did not use regen at all gonna see how i go???????

7 well after posting letters restated scooter the red lights never come back on ..????? well as yet

8 so i am guessing that if i don't use regen and also take it very easy with throttle and try not to get to much. heat in the battery pack this may help???

9 as i am guessing that the is a odd battery over heated/ maybe even swollen also may have faulty sensor or the battery is making the sensor light up ?

10 i know regen can heat the pack up but these scooter must / will have been tested in the most extreems of wather situations am shure as in England is pritty cool most of the year round

11 and if you was to tatall the avrage weather all year round wouldent be far off 15c to 20c for all year round

hope this is food for thought and i wonder if anyone has had same situation or same hapend to them .?

please ad to thread as this is the only way we sort these probblems out for old and new customers / owners of these great machines
thanks kev


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