Ideas on how to fix the dreaded....RED FLASHING lights of battery and sensor lights

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Hi all hope you guys are all well .?
i have been stuck out in the cold british weather and raining bad!!!!
awating to be collectrd by truck.n traler to take me home the..... dreaded red lights came on just b4 i left to go to town battery and sensor lights :-(
so when i came to pick scooter up all dash lights on but scooter wouldnt start at all ..
is there a simple way of fixing these probblems that seem to blyt a lot of VECTRIX owners my scooter has 13,500 miles aprox on it
and around these miles they seem to have the odd gremlings i think...
so if you han help in any way please feel free to advise me on simplest and cheapest way to fix ..

i have been away for a wile been busy fitted log burner/stove and also had 3.6Kwh system fitted and also a 32amp car charger fitted to home
but 2012 model wont accsept yet 32amp ?? i wonder if theres a upgrade
for hopfully soon ?????? a 21012 model nissan leaf white would be first choice or second sky blue 0 to 15,000 miles would ok great condition
so looking at moment my partner not overley convinced as yet , so i will keep looking for a good second hander????

thanks guys

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If you do a search on this forum for 'battery lights' or similar you should find plenty of info on sorting it - possibly just too much water in the works. Try resting the machine after it has dried out by disconnecting the 2 main connectors to the charger under the front offside fairing (above the wheel). Again this procedure is described fully on this site.

If you want to put 32A into your V, forget it. There is no way the charger can handle it. If you had a lithium pack and one could add a chademo port to the V then it would be fantastic - but there isn't… yet.

If you meant your Leaf, I'm not sure what its charger is limited to but I'm sure someone else will be able to chime in.

You might also consider an i-Miev (or the Peugeot Ion/Citroen C-zero - all the same car bar one or two minor details). There are a lot of ex-lease ones with low miles (up to 3-4k) and 3 years old on the market at the moment. The used Leafs of similar vintage are a cupel of grand more than the Ions, so £11-12k with 20k miles or so (for the Leaf). I bought an Ion 3 weeks ago from Howard's in Taunton for £9k5 2011 with 3k4 miles and think it is marvellous. I have been EVing for 3 years or so, first with a DIY converted small van, then a Vectrix (which is laid up in the garage having a LiFePO4 upgrade) and I'm currently building an electric Austin Healey 3000 kit car. The Ion is a more basic car than the Leaf but still quite well specced and the Leaf has about 10-20% more range (I gather). All the Ions come with a chademo port whereas I gather the Leafs have it as option…? And watch out for hidden battery leasing on the Leafs. The i-mievs are all all-in. No battery leasing. Good luck!

Regards, Martin Winlow
Isle of Colonsay, Scotland

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hi all can anyone help???
my vectricx scooter is now charging up as it should but thats only becouse i left it draning for aprox 2 weeks now the batterys down just under 110 volts nice n flat ..
but what i have been told the initial probblem that i was having i/e sensor light and battery light on and scooter dash on all time.
there may be a simple FIX??????
well if there is i cannot find it . was told in the glove box where the 12v auxiliary outlet is and the computer connect point just loosen these well i have tryed but too no avail .

so took off the wind visor off and it unerthed that there is tiny bolts other side but as to a reset it has stumped me can you guys ellabarate to the reset ways to do this ?
if there is such a way i would like to know how to fix this probblem that i am having as i dont want to get cought out like i did 2 weeks ago left stranded ..
please please help guys videos or photos thanks very much

ps is there a way of making my v in to a vx3?
or simlar to piagio mp3 as i really would like the stabillity?
thanks all kev

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