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did you no that the aluminum frame round the battery cells was designed by lock-head martin wow not bad they make multibillion pound planes and ive got . to say it .
the vectrix has been the fastest scooter i have ever riden . to be truthfull i have never riden a vehacal thats acselorated as quick as the vectrix
to be honest i was a humbel little scooter rider untill now you seat on this beast and from looking at the display wow thats inpressive i found the key lock a little fiddely at first i thought i would never get use to it but hey after a few weeks it just droped into place really easy to uses i thinks its cos there is a lot going on at once as i have dyslexia it can take a little longer than most people .. before i go any futher i used to have a leptone scooter this was a over enganerd scooterframe 2"1/2 in thick steel frame way way way too thick and too strong for electric scooter but it was advanced and crude at the same time as are some scooters i have found over the last 6 years of testing or it feels like that all i am doing is spending and feels like not really saving money are we kidding our selfs
or are we just so oww so pashonate about these vehicals and we are all guineepigs we just love these but our partners say no no dont do it mybe they wast water and mix up the risiycleble rubish and they dont mind putting the glass
in the car and making a specil jurney to the bottle bank think that they are blind think that the electric scooter in my / our life my girlfrend life can corse us ups n dons .
i/e if shes on the back of scooter and its sunny and i am taking her to the shops aprox then oboy then is she happy but if it cold why did you buy that scooter it cost a forchune ha i say i dont mind cold wether as i have rode scooters all my life ..!!!!!!!!???????????????? no silly i an not 6 years old i had petrol errr hey i had one that would do 120 mpg thats another stroy .. upppppppppppppppppppppppsss
where was i my old lepton.e scooter yeh over waight frame very crude the drumb brakes front and yep you gessed it back aswell it had as standard regen breaking well this worked a treat and seem to be very / very efficent dont no why it had flick switch red - tortus . green - rabbet
red mode was eco mode speed forgot but not bad stayed on this all the time really as i nedded every last drop of energy in the sealed old lead aside type batterys
there was four . now the green switch was fast rabbert mode arr just rememberd this mode would only do 15 miles looking back now that seems rubish but i had a cunning plan up my sleave ...!!!??????????????????????????????????????
later later!!!! well didnt use that grean mode much so woth the regen if a car pulled out in front of me boy oboy i had to use this baby regen come on down and save my bloddy life thanks cos some times id for get and have to use the drum breaks

you now its bloddy had to pull the breaks and now that they are usless but in a fraction of a second you have to sum how let haveto let go of the rear break and use the throttle wow.. dont no how i managed it but good regen. arr
just thinking about the regen if my memory serves me correct it was a let off the throttle regen so the probblem with this scooter you couldent get any cheaky little free wheels like you can with the vectrix scooter well done vectrix
i once ran really short on power on the lepton and found that i was three miles from home and pushed the green button on the lepton on the lepton as this told the computer on board to use more power as scooter was dead it didnt mater but gess what i started pushing scooter for aprox

500 / 600 yards and like a magishon pulling a litrally a rabbert from a hat the lepton got me home i/e lets say 600 yard for 3 miles now thats magic you do the iqastion hahahah just thout thats why the green button has a rabbet on it ...
the speedo was analog and also digital readout and evry few 5/10 mins of riding it woul calclate the range left this i found to be maor than accurate
i recon lepton was on to a good thing and didn now it but it neded lots of revamping things to change on the old lepton e scooter are

1 kevin s way ghange the frame from steel to aluminum waight saving of aprox 42 lbs
2 change computer cooling system and icorparate alluniminim fns where possable and get rid of the cast type system waight saving of 1 to 3 lbs
3 change drumb to disk waight saving put on 1 lb ??
4 gange the battries to nickel metal hydride or lipo4 cells waight saving of aprox 42 lbs
5 change steel wheel to alloy and make them 13" waight saving of aprox 4lbs
6 change all plastic to thiner type waight saving of aprox 4 / 5 lbs
7 put more efficent direct motor in the hub so lets say the efficenct is aprox 83 to 93 efeccincy and iam no maths scintest bot one would presume you woud gane aproy 2 to 4 miles extra and a waight saving of aprox 4lbs looking good so far ??
8 get rid of steel bar retention for the battries wiaght saving of 1 lb
9 theres lots of other thing but you get my drift saving of over nerly 100lbs and a scooter that would probbley go 70 /79 miles ??????? thers more

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