after scooters charged up.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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hi all been trying to keep an eye on my batteries i/e
well after charge up with 30mins / or 1 hour delay set . come to scooter the nex day and with the red kill switch in the off position .
pull in the left break handel and noticed that the number 211 is shown in the middel under the clock i presume that its 211 volts thats topped out
and have noticed on two ocations that the temp has been 60c ?? a few weeks ago but when moving the kill switch it seems to go to aprox 9c to 15c...........
and the 211 think thats volts goes to aprox 142 volts thats after going to start mode ..
so think that the vectrix remembers the last place it was at and shows where it was and drops acordingley but i dont think this is right .??!!
or am i missunder standing this and i have tryed to extend the time delay to no avail any surgestions as if i want to leave it over night i don't have to wake up to unplug it come on vectrix ..

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