the warm weather in england is defanate bonus on range.....

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i have been noticing with the scooter. is however i charge it the temp doesn't moove from 19c to to 28c..........
at the moment with extended cooling but . the average temp in england at the moment has been between
19c and 25c .ish
and whats been notisable i have done today 29miles load of really steep long hills versus traffic conditions all mixed bag but
if i do any regen i have been very gentle as juast slight movments as not to spoile the kenetik movment of the forward thrust i/e slight deeacseliration.
but there is a knack to it .anyhow i was just about half way through the batteries half full.
so to sum it up my calculations is 19c to 25c ambiant temp = vectrix scooter range extended by aprox 7 to 18 miles.
thanks kev


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