regen braking kicking in when not wanted now resolved.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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hi all i read some blogs some wile ago to do with sticking regen breaks or throttle sticking open a little .
well 1st probblem is the rubber grips they are a little on the rubbery side but for me not too much of a probblem
if i know about it in the first place well what tends to happen is while gripping the throttle the mushroom side inner you tend to squeeze
this and and there for it been very rubbery it tends to move inwards 2 to 8 millimeters is
enough to make it rub aganst the .fixed pice of plastic that the red kill switch is on there for making the scooter not free wheel
when throttle released or potentially may be even make the throttle stick on a little..??
and most recentally found probblem but easily resolved in seconds..

you tend to .
and i have had this probblem but it can be two things ........

1... probblem with throttle sticking or not throttle not smooth to return to neutral position ...????????
quick fix make shure throttle has a nice gap between throttle grip plastic housing that the red switch is on ....

2... when going on any journey or just or trip to the shops .
make shure you don't rush the start up procedure as found that can confuse the scooter sync start up procedure .
and what can happen is the normal neutral position is shifted a fraction .
but with this probblem what tends to happen is when relesing the throttle the regen kicks in slightley
and therefore no free wheeling at all ........

3.. so to resolve this simple make shure side stand is up. . a . flick red switch if not already done so on towards yourself
.. b . squeeze left break lever for aprox 1 to two seconds ( ready ) sign will show constantly.
then on the third second while the left lever is still squeezed . c . squeeze the right break lever for 1 second and the big ( GO ) sign will show
an there you have it . all in it takes aprox 4/5 seconds done correct..
hope this helps ..kev



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Are the timings important? Otherwise its the same as the usual start up procedure I think.
So I'm assuming its important to hit (hold) the right brake on the third second after the left?

Does this apply to all versions of the firmware?

I've noticed the "drag" effect myself...your blog does point out an important I'll be careful to make sure the throttle is in the neutral position during startup.

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hi .with the red swith in the on position.
if yoe are simply too quick with pulling the the left break lever 1st and the right break lever aswell and leave no time actual time inbeetween i/e 1 second you will get drag from the regen
as you have asked too much in such a short space of time and the vectrix doesn.t think that quick.
as if you are rushing your self and by mistake you pull both together it ither will not go or the drag will kick in
so keep it simple 1. 2. 3. and away you go
i usually take a little longer as i like to knock the head light off as to save as much enagy as poss .
well it woks for me hav fun .ps best colour scooter silver same as mine
well till i get tinkering pretty soon ..kev

Probably you already know that, but just now I found that, even when the 'ready' signal is on (but not the 'GO'), pressing the right brake lever makes the 'ready' signal to blink a few times.
I've also noticed that the blink is not constant, varying from 2-3 to 5-6 times?
Any explanation?
Other question: when switching off the red emergency button, the left display shows the battery voltage and temperature. Well, sometimes, it shows 21C and after a few seconds it changes to 36C.
My assuption is that it first shows the ambient temperature and then the battery temperature. I really hope so!

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