End of charge cycle ?????????????

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hi all be wondering if we are to be trully eco guys the me must look out side the box...
we been wondering about my beloved vectrix at the end of the charge cycle i/e when scooter is fully charged.
i find that i have to open the front door i let pressures heat out and for unpluging it in wasted energy when i go out ..
as to comming in as well .. well i have had few plug in timers but these dont last as little on the cheap side and really fiddley too..
and its like having a cat go out at night and come back in ..like you do when you have a cat wait up to put the cat out ..
well i would like an end to all that .!!! i have just puchased a easy to fit metor reader like an electric monitor ....ITS A MUST FOR US ALL...
you can see what electric is been used and how long how much etc etc .
well any how i would like to know if my vectrix uses / wastes electric after been charged/ still trickels electric to the scooter well
carn't i buy somthing thats like a plug that knowes that when the scooter reaches lets say 50 watts only usage the plug knowes .and autmatically
knocks off .as i have bought the latest lg washeing machine its brill it steems and it has a super quick wash and is hub mounted and super quiet and uses a fraction of the water .
its AAA++AND wait for it after its done its thing yeh it washers it shuts down i/e doesn't use use a drop of electric
well we need that in the vectrix please HELP .kev


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