software adjustment .... with battery heat sensors.?????????????????

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hi all just been wondering. about the temperature display .
on the vectrix and wondering if we could devise something that would keep the temperature display showing all the time ??
as don't really know why it is not as the more info the better in my books.
as the cost of the replacment batteries are so so expencive that i don't know why it hasn't been thought of before..??????????????????????
and we could keep a constant eye on whats going on . as i don't really like to stop regularly to check this .
i have been ( told ) that there is a dangerous way to check while on the move..only takes a few seconds to do
but involvs freewheeling for a while..
anyhow don't want to buy a after market temperature gauge .
any idears and thought guy's thanks kev.



Not only what temperature sensor but WHERE it should be located...

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With the new software you can hit the kill switch and then hold down the left brake for around 10 seconds to see the battery temperature & battery voltage. I agree that it should be displayed at all times, because apparently the battery temperature is a very important piece of information to have.


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