Wheel Wobble/front vibration Found.............

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all. been having slight consern's as been having slight noise from front of scooter .
But really put it down to scooter normal or loose plastic .
As from previus blogs .and handle bar wobble was normal ??.
having slight noise from front of scooter .
Sounded like plastic mud guard was little loose so check all around mud guard and thought some thing was caught .
nothing seems loose so. after another few months hering this sound on and off
Again. do the same again so thought the front wheel calliper was loose .
no all seems to be ok few months later things are getting worse now getting wheel wobble this morning as i was taking my son on the back to work .
i said to him that this has got to be the wheelbearing and sure enough looking at the front wheel ( the oposite side to the wheel caliper ) the wheelbearing housing
shroud. had come away from inside
wheel and thought that the wheel was burnt black around where the bearing housing is but no its all the black gunk thrown out of the hole grease and was cool to tuch so i have had to limp home help please..............
Has any one had similar problems very / suprised as my vectrix has only done 4750 MILES and
age is aprox 17 months old hope its coverd under warranty..
as i know that the weight of these scooter is alot but suprised the wheel bearing only lasted this long .
kev .
ps i know i was going to loose some weight next year 2010
but didn't expect to down my trainers and walk to work so soon 3 hours each way + 10 hours working days me thinks am gonna be knackerd all time .
or out come the old push bike comments appreciated
thanks kev



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hi all am i the only one ?????
To experince a wheel bearing collapse...
on this website..??????

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Yes, you are!

This information may be used entirely at your own risk.

There is always a way if there is no other way!

I had the front bearings go out on a small scoot in about 1000 miles. If the bearing shields are compromised, it doesn't take long for the lube to get out and the dirt to get in. Will you be doing your own bearing replacement, or will you be using a shop?

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i will be replacing with brand new bearings ON my VECTRIX and if so try to find much superior bearing quality
and go direct with really good rolling little risistance and mybe go futher??
i know this will probbley void my waranty but hey its gonna end in 8 months time any way and i want to do other thinks to improve scooter anyway.
speek soon kev

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happy xmas for tomorrow...
am a very happy young man as my new bearings are all done all photos to follow hardest part was raising the scooter hurmmmm
what do i have to hand i bought from nettos food store in leeds england a electric car jack with remote-control 12volts but i didnt have a the car to hand so i had an old 20 years old charge witch i wired to the jack
hey presto life this little baby save time and a lot of hard work i have lent it to my neighbor this baby can lift 2 tons wow it lifted the vectrix no probbs i could of done with three hands to steddy the bike ..
but managed no probbs.
kev now she runs like a dream apart from the snow and ice.....

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