flashing red sensor and battery light warning ......quick fix..????

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hi all just went out on my vectrix today after been off work on winter holidays well not been / had to use the v so making shore its charge up once a week as its kept
outside and just lately its been - zero very very cold
as you probably know i managed to fix my wheel-bearing problem with two good replacement fag bearing these are one of the best on the market .
well. just come to the scooter today as i didn't really want to run about as there is frost every where and some black ice well its england..
i had run around anyhow , when turning on vectrix noticed that the two red light started to flash that the sensor red and the battery light red
well i was worried and thought do as i would normally do in daylight knock off the main-dip light that holding the flash switch in for apron 10/15 seconds two beeps later and just the led light is on good no extra voltage wastage hear..
well the flashing lights didn't really worry me after a little thought cos i took it easy for the first few 100 yards and eased the rear regen on few times so on and so forth really been wasteful with the regen/ also accelerating on and off was doing this to generate some heat the system as the temp gauge said
60c well if you believe that ha ha eh on mars.............
what it meant was very very cold good guess eh .
well this was done carefully heating up the systems and out wen't the red light hey presto ......
if you try this its on your mind to do so as i am no expert as thought not all of us out there have a three car garage am not among it at the yanks....................he he
am a british northern boy with an excellent frozen toy with just a thin cover it from the elements
soon i will spoil her to a garage next year hopefully .
hope this has helped some .kev


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