VECTRIC we wan't 100+ miles range .com.............

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We are getting ever so close to lithium ion been fitted in our, Beloved vectrix scooters..
well its a start and sound good .
and think its on the horizon. well before the end of 2010..
but what do people think about all the litritchure cast.
aroud and official site showing real ?? typical driving/ riding speeds.
to attain to these vastley blown out of proporhanal range test baaaaa.
wel, its really a moving target i know but to me seems total range of the great vectrix is/ has been really well under played and to me
think that reall the tests should of been realy reality and .transparent as to most of the people that have bought these great scooters .
have a real passion/love for these vehicals and really know alot to begin with . in way of been efficent / or really doing there best to help
the course of just been carfull well like me with mony/ passion /love for ev and are very intreged with the whole tecnologhy of it all
i think i could be i little on the geek side well im not botherd but i have had a love for batterys most/all of my life
really think that we take it for granted the battery.
.but why o why have these scooters been given the range on paper and as most of us know that is unachevable?
well for me 65miles range on paper at 25 mph is dangerous and at best unachevable ...
i think from 18 miles range hard riding with regen...
to 44 miles thats riding with a glass slipper and with a nune at the helm or if you like
her incharge.. and really the pack would of gone way beoned whats it intended for i/e well flat batterys..
SO i say lets why not strip out these babys back to basick and get some latest technology in them
as we wan't 100 + miles RANGE..
well there are some good thing out there that i have seen latley and some companys need pating on the back for doing this
as a company on ebay are selling 4000 watts scooter 64volts 60 ah lithium cells. with latest lcd bms kit fitted
with top speed think it is slectable .60 mph.... 85 miles range per charge..
hey these more??????? 60 miles range with light on and with full throttle ...
and really with normal riding can achive 105 RANGE with regen yes you heard me 105 THATS RIGHT RANGE .......
so the company are saying the avrage costamers are getting 85 miles range now to me .
thats transparent but would like to try for myself these claimes but i am shure these are correct..
elecscoot Ltd
based in consett, co durham, united kingdom
thanks kev


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