Building the most efficent and lightest battery./ Pack. ?????

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Hi guys i am trying to work out the best way forward....

As to making the best but not nessasery the most expencive pack .

But i know what you thinking one cancels out the other..

Well reall what i am conciddering is a life po4 cell .?

Am i right in saying that the cell pack size i/e amp ah 60 + is more efficent than lets say use have the ampage two x30..?

Because there is less trermanals inthe bigger cells therefor less waste of accsesive materails x weight .???

And also power draw is lot slower.?

or am i wrong as with these cells there are lot more coponents but there are hidden ..

As i want to build the ultimate cell pack that mimics the human body in the way of how the body breaks down carbs .
in the body i/e loads of energy in a small amount of compacted space and uses every nutrient efficeltley....

then releases very slowley ...

is it do able ..?????????

ps also intresting website



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