D . I . Y .,.. new tyre replacement............

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Hi all am still alive and kiking well just when you look at my vectrix .
Rear tyre as should really have changed it a wile ago as noticed it was bald ass a koot.!!!!!!!!!
My girlfrend gave me what for for not been on the ball with tyre degredration how silly i know .
well just like to say my vectrix now 6,120 miles thought rear tyre would have lasted longer but really we all know in the know
as these scooters are heavy and and i use regen as when i can and this punnishes the rear tyre if you sit down and think about it and
The main thing we all do am shure is acselarate and leave other people for dead .. ouch on the tyre
But it never really enters my . or i bet any others heads ????????????

Well i have just puchsaed a vee rubber tyre 140/60-13 vms 184 rated at think aprox 75 mph + £30.00

that,s IT AS I FITTED IT ALL BY MY SELF and at the and when i when to the petrol station i said to a guy who jumped in before me to
pay to put in air in tyre he was in a toyota prius the new type / latest one out he said he alwas manages 50+
so i said snap but ushally do 60/75 mpg hum he said hehe /. its only 20p but he did his tyres and i had managed to fill my tyre up and didn't pay any thing
he said he managed in

if i was to be honest its wasent the on i really wanted but this all the tyre shop had in beggers carn't be choses

Well really nobody wanted to take it on as the old tyre was still on the scooter..been told its gonna cost you and couldn,t wait a week so guess what.?????????
I took on the vectrix wheel bearing as didn,t reall want to pay for steve scott vectrex tecnical enginer to come to change these for £100+
Changed my self for £15 fitted by me wow big saving!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So guess what all done took me 2 hours to do the job of changing the rear tyre and the Vee Rubber tyre is really smooth.
NO rear wobble dampend front handle bar ribration as if i let go of handle bars bike is controlable and i can ride it none handed but

Just got back after shake down and cheakey excuse to ride in too the lovleley countrey side on a really rainey day and checked the rear nuts and tyre every 5 miles

Just to say the Vectrix is a push over and not to be scared of this little scooter next job for me check the rear gearbox do whats needed and check the dust colecter part.
And then find / share the cost with someone for lithium ion as thats what i want to fit next but on a grand scale i/e scooter will be going aprox 140 miles+
thanks guys
ps whtch that little grub screw under the rear swing arm same side as the break.
hope it helps some one kev


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