Ordering Components

After talking to a fella at EV works about various components I have settled on parts for my bike.

Motor: This is the less complex and slightly more powerful out of the two 48V motors. http://www.evworks.com.au/index.php?product=MOT-MARS-ME0708

Batteries: At the moment I'm getting 11 of these cells and will update later to 16 so I get the full 48V system. These will take about 6 weeks to ship so lots of time to draw up some concepts for attaching them. http://www.evworks.com.au/index.php?product=BAT-LFP60AHA

Controller: This one gives the best acceleration for my price range. http://www.evworks.com.au/index.php?product=CTL-AXE4844

Contactor: Good economical option. http://www.evworks.com.au/index.php?product=REL-ZJW400A

Charger: KP3612EL is not currently stocked so will have to wait for that. The charger will be the only component I will need to replace when changing up to 48V.

Battery Management System: Another component I need to wait for. EV works are developing a new, more compact BMS which should be ready in a couple of weeks.

Braided Cell Interconnectors: http://www.evworks.com.au/index.php?product=BAT-EVW-BCI-60-6

Fuse: http://www.evworks.com.au/index.php?product=FUS-ANN-250

That's all I'm ordering at the moment and these parts, including shipping from Australia to NZ, should cost about NZ$3800 (US$2800). I'll be getting other things like DC-DC converter, gauges, power cable and lugs from an electronics store in NZ once the bike starts to take shape.


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That's a good list of stuff.

The contactor you chose is beefy enough for the controller. And the contactor choice is pretty critical. If the contactor is not beefy enough for the application it's possible for the contacts in the contactor to become welded shut. That one has a high enough rating to handle the current your controller choice will ask for and shouldn't get welded shut.

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Hello if anyone wants a good hand fabricated fraim give us a messege . it is desined for the above motor and controller. iv a video of it on utube type in aidans electric bike. I just havent got the funds to carry out the project .DSC00170.JPGDSC00150.JPG


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