The three wheeler could be running soon

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One of my vehicles is a three wheel motorcycle...


I got it 1 1/2 yrs ago through an ebay auction, meaning I did not build the thing. I started to register it last year but during that process the thing stopped working. So for the last 9 months it's been sitting idle while I've focussed on the Lectra. It's been this big white elephant sitting in the driveway to walk past and occasionally think about and get frustrated. I tried several times to get it running but.. no luck.

This afternoon I decided to wire up a controller to the motor completely bypassing the existing wiring. And.. it runs. Yay.. meaning, now that the Lectra is pretty much finished I can spend a few cycles on this trike and get it running too.

Let's see how many electric motorcycles I can own...

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Here's a previous posting I made on this: My three-wheeled electric motorcycle

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Dude, exactly how many bikes and projects do you have? Didn't you also set Alias up with her Honda Elite project bike!?

Now, just think of all those batteries you can get on that three wheeler!!!

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exactly how many bikes and projects do you have?

Too many.. I found an Aurenthetic on ebay yesterday and, ah, have a bid on it.. uh.. ah.. uh.. lesse the first step of EV Projects Anonymous is to admit I have an addiction problem?

Didn't you also set Alias up with her Honda Elite project bike!?

I think of it as my project where she's helping me, but yeah...

Nice...about how much did it cost you?

I saw your posts on faring and such, you could eclose the whole thing and have a cool little wierd shaped car. The shape wouldn't be the ideal teardrop shape, but smooth is better than rough even if it's the wrong shape.

Also, do the rear wheels have a differential?

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