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I am working on a project to create an assembly shop in Cambodia for EV. I will do the Chinese way buy a piece of land and look for business as a plus; profit does'nt really matter. I don't have knowledge about EV, I may learn from trying. I believe there is a lot to do there ( south east asia ) : two wheels vehicle are all like honda dream wave type ( Check it out at wikipedia ),a good second hand prices around 150 dollars. The increasing cost of gaz could open a huge market for EV conversion. In an otherhand EV is good for tourism and many projects may receive a lot of interest ( I lived for 15 years in Thailand ). I believe than a freeride/downhill electric bike could meet some success there as a very hot and humid weather does'nt push you to any form of suffering. Asian people hate to sweat love to gather through funny activities.
This is a bike I would like to do right now, is there anybody that want to help me on this ? Is this project possible ?


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Is this project possible ?

That depends on what you are really planning to do. I gather you want to buy parts and assemble them in your shop and sell them to end users? What exactly is your focus? Are you going to focus on manufacturing, or distributing?

I'd advise you to leave the manufacturing to someone else and just buy product and focus on distributing due to your level of EV knowledge. E-bikes have a large market in China. I'd study what kind of e-bikes are selling well there.

[url=/forum-topic/motorcycles-and-large-scooters/587-my-kz750-electric-motorcycle-project]KZ750 Motorcycle Conversion[/url]
[url=/forum-topic/motorcycles-and-large-scooters/588-fixing-my-chinese-scooter]900 watt scooter[/url]
Pic from http://www.electri

A friend of mine living recently in Cambodia told me electric bikes/ low power scooter bikes were popular in the capital. I imagine for reasons similar to China, ie low cost of electricity relative to liquid fuels and perhaps an extensive bike lanes? and of course lack of licensiing/regulations.

Your projects sounds kinda fun (hot country, ev workshop) but also kinda vague. Why EV's? what are you hoping to achieve ? why Cambodia? What kind of business/charity/social enterprise?

Hi Andrew,
My way of living is about quality, I don't have any material responsabilities to assume. So I don't see things as business focus on profit, I am 47, I enjoy to be creative. I'am going to buy a piece of land in Cambodia, build five bungalows, and experiment EV. In the future, if there are some business developpment, I will see. Yes I believe that the market for EV will offer great opportunities but sell, produce, manage are time consuming and boring; strategie and concept a lot more enjoyable.
I think that convert honda dream wave motobikes in Asia will interest populations that have a very low income and absolutely no chance to increase it. It's depend of the increasing cost of gaz and the decreasing cost of batteries.
But now I would like to work on a freeride/downhill bike with an electric motor, I see it as something to be abble to climb the hills to enjoy the way down, it's about fun, not about sport. As I may keep some business developpement in mind, this EV should be abble to be used on a quad type of tracks ( Jumping, what ever ) and beach cruising. So to precise my Idea I am thinking about something like a specialized big-hit 3 with a PMS 100 from Perm-motor. ( I don't believe in hub motors for this project, may be I am wrong ?)
I like the idea of a virtual team through the net, it's why I have communicate on this web site, so if there are guys that want to participate to this project, up to them.
Eric Bailly.

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