2008 Zapino Coast Central Calif.

I purchased a used 2008 Zapino in May, 2012. I've had problems with the battery. First, the switch went out. (It no longer turns off charger) Now, when I charge the bike, the red light stays on. After 12 hours charge, I unplug charger and the light goes green for about 5 seconds, then of course both lights go out (power and charge indicator). Has anyone had this problem? Will I ruin the battery charging 12 hours (overnight?) Would a new batter charger help?
I bought with only 78 miles on it and have just reached 1400. I want to get my money out of this thing as long as I can, especially with the price of gas.
Is there anyone in central coast of Calif. who works on these things? Where can I got a good education on charging batteries for this electric bike?
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Either the batteries are already no good - or the charger is no good.

Get a volt meter .. (Radio Shack) and measure the voltage of each battery. This should be on the order of 12-13 volts per battery, and fully charged each battery should read 13.2 volts or so. If the voltage per battery reads much below 12 volts the batteries are discharged, and the lower the voltage the more likely the batteries are damaged.

You can get a 12 volt battery charger at autoparts stores ... that way you can charge the batteries individually.

If you plug the charger in (without connecting to batteries) you can read its voltage using the volt meter. Just hook the probes of the voltmeter to the connector pins off the charger.

You can also read the voltage of the whole pack while it is charging ..

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