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the bykes I bult

here are some pics of the two bykes I built the kid's orange co.chopper one last year, it goes 35-4mph and runs good for 30min then the little my1020 motor gets to hot and i leave the fan on till it cools its 48v40ah battery is holding up quite well !!! I won second place in full custom at a cycle meet !!!

then this winter i found a Schwinn adult stingray w/spoiler , it is a 48v 2x30ah lifepo4 battery's, eteck brushed motor, curtis controller and a few frills I am hoping to make first next summer LaTeR

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Hay! In this time of low moral I thought you all would like to check out And and they run a streming show of the blues jam from 6pm -10pm on the 2nd SunDay of every month!!! and country jamb on the 3rd SunDay same times ttp:// ! ! I am the Jews Harp player !!! LaTeR

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3500li dc-dc converter failyer the cd didn't but I did

Well now i need a new 60V? cd-cd convertor found a short in the horn wire aginst frame butt not untill I blew the convertor and the flasher gizmo and one out therehave or know were I can get new ones ??? thanks Later

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?? slowing down the controler speed ??

Any one out there know how to slow down a controler to 180 cpM ??? a high torque bldc 24" diam at the gap ??

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: Re: a list of all ev' s out there so I can compare and choose

can we assembile a list of evs by watts , speed , range type of batt . type of controler and contact address., Support and Service and trust rating etc>> No exclusions ! A way for the newbie to choose his EV and learn the advantages and foibles of each .

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