Sunbird Scooter!!!!!!!!

i recently bought a very nice looking sunbird electric scooter at a yard sale the back hub motor was full of water i am good with tools but never have worked on anything electric only gas powered i need a motor and a ball park about what they cost i only paid $50 for the scooter and everything works except the motor which i know is major but the scooter itself looks new figured it was worth what i paid the way it is, can anyone help where to get parts thanks for all your help!!!!!!


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A motor that's filled with water might not be any good now. But if you let it dry out perhaps it will be okay?

I only briefly inspected a sunbird once - and think that it has a hub motor integrated with the rear wheel and it's not possible to replace the hub motor without also doing the wheel.

If the motor is not good any longer - you might / should be able to find a wheel of the same size, that has a sprocket, and do an external motor. Or another option is to find someone to mount a crystalyte motor in an appropriate size wheel, but since it's an 18" wheel that might be difficult.

The maker is Rad2Go - - but their parts page doesn't mention the sunbird.

I did a bit of yahoogling for "sunbird scooter" and came up with several places that do (or used to) sell the thing. This one seems to have the best parts department:

The Sunbird is discontinued, according to the Rad2Go site ( they should still have parts (they are just not listed on the website). It looks like it has the same wheel size as the Challanger so if you can not get the rear tire for the Sunbird you may be able to get the rear wheel for the Challlanger to work on your Sunbird. Either way I would contact Rad2Go Directly here is the contact information
General Information and Sales : sales [at]
Customer Services Email : custserv [at]
Tech Support Email : tech [at]
Our office hours are:
Monday - Friday 8:00am - 5:00pm (Pacific)
Phone : (866) 402-1888


I have purchased on the auction few sunbirds scooters and if you are still interested I may sell you what you are looking for.


i could use some body parts

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