Mongoose 24v plug-n-play battery

I just got this battery sent to me. After reading the instructions and taking the original battery case apart I have no idea what to do. The instructions make absolutely no sense. Has anyone done this yet, and what am I missing?
Thanks in advance,

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If we could get some specs, pictures, or a link to your battery we might be able to help.

Grandpa Chas S.

This is the new plug-n-play battery, let me see if I can get a picture of the existing one.

Here are two pictures of the existing battery.

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Well there are 3 connectors on the new battery. The round one looks like the charger connection and one of the other 2 flat connectors must be connected to the battery input connector on you bike. Match the red and black wires and use the flat connector which matches the red and black wire connections on the bike to connect the batteries.

My best guess without seeing the bike connectors,
Grandpa Chas S.

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