battery charger toast

does anyone know where a 48 volt 10 amp ,E-MAX battery charger can be bought ,or even 2 and I will keep a backup. the charger model E07-0020b-usa . if there is such a thing , E-mail me at rick-peg [at] with the happy news that will allow me to charge up again.


Hi Zott, could probably do it.

out of curiosity, how did u destroy your emax charger? ive had one develop an earth leakage tried to kill me once....and destroyed 5 batteries.

in all honesty, i wouldnt bother replacing the that you have to buy a new one, consider a bank charging arrangement. I had such a system up and running before i moved to lithium. sells 12v 3A cc-cv charges. or conider usign soniels or vectors.


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I've been fixing e-max chargers up to a reliable condition. Look for an e-mail...

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