Green E-Motor E-Runner 220

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Green E-Motor E-Runner 220
• Standard 2200 watt sealed brushless DC motors
• 5X12 V /40A Silicon Lead-Acid battery (optional) Lithium-Ion battery for light weight and extended battery life.
• Charger output 60 V/3.5A or 60V/10A (optional) power supply 110V
• Maximum speed up to 42 mph (30 mph in CA)
• Distance between charge 40 mile*
• Maximum climb slope 20%
• Weight of scooter 230 Lb
• Maximum passenger weight 400 Lb
• Brakes: disc (front) drum (rear)
• Oil pressure (hydraulic) shocks, front and rear
• Storage space in rear and under seat , (optional) rack adapter
• Warranty: One year exclude physical damages and the wear and tear items (tires/bulbs,etc.) battery warranty is limited to 5,000 mile or 6 month, whichever occurs earlier.
• High/low headlight beam (LED light optional)
• No gear shift required

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