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E-Ton E-Power
A new concept for environmental protection. A milestone of technology innovation.
The future is here with this quiet, impressive riding scooter. If the 34 mile range between charging fits into your riding requirements you will definitely want to consider the E-Power electric scooter. You will be glad you did!
Standard Features:
* 70.1" x 25" x 41.7" dimensions
* 48.6 inch wheelbase
* 110 volt and 220 volt charging plug
* top speed approximately 30 MPH
* range approximately 34 miles
* storage battery capacity 26AH
* charging time 4.5 hours
* self contained charging system
* automatic CVT transmission
* maximum permissible weight 243 pounds
* 3.00x10" tires, drum brakes
* center stand & side stand
* headlights, taillight, speedometer/odometer
* headlight switch, horn
* state-of-charge battery indicator
* colors available: red
* Price-----$2495.95
* available at store location only

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