B&B Batteries EVP35-12

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These are B&B Batteries EVP Series "For High Power, High Cycle Use." They are used on the Ego, and I have them on my KZ750 motorcycle conversion.

Spec Sheet

I load tested 6 batteries before they were used. This was about 1 yr 6 mos after purchase.

Format is battery No., Open Circuit, voltage at 200 amp load, and power

B1, 12.82v, 10.49v, 2098 watts
B2, 12.67v, 10.55v, 2110 watts
B3, 12.65v, 10.54v, 2108 watts
B4, 12.65v, 10.35v, 2070 watts
B5, 12.70v, 10.40v, 2080 watts
B6, 12.69v, 10.38v, 2076 watts

Open Circuit Avg: 12.7v
200A Average: 10.44v
Power avg: 2090 watts

Repeated the load test today at 200A. The batteries now have been cycled a few times. Couldn't get an accurate open circuit voltage because the powercheqs are shuffling power around as I do the test.

B1, 10.67, 2134 watts
B2, 10.67, 2134 watts
B3, 10.81, 2162 watts
B4, 10.83, 2166 watts
B5, 10.76, 2152 watts
B6, 10.78, 2156 watts

200A Average: 10.75
Power Avg: 2151 about 3% increase

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