Battery "Conditioning" - Any supporting information?

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Battery "Conditioning" - Any supporting information?

This thread is to discuss the "conditioning" procedure that usatracy has referenced from amplepower here:

While the procedure sounds interesting, I don't see any evidence to support it. It may be unnecessary and offer no specific advantages except one. I agree with the short period of overcharge of a new battery to help equalize the cells. Overcharging lead-acid batteries is not a new or novel concept. It is done occasionally with flooded lead-acid to equalize the cells, and batteries within a battery pack. Electrolyte can be replaced easily in flooded lead-acid batteries. However, the electrolyte of AGM batteries is not so easily replaced---doing this is not recommended by any manufacturer. So it is not advisable to overcharge AGM batteries, except maybe once when new in a controlled manner for a short duration, and under special circumstances to try and rejuvenate dead batteries.

I may be the first to admit that I just don't know enough about lead-acid batteries to confirm or refute the claim that the surface area of the plates (electrodes) can be increased or decreased with the nature of a discharge/recharge cycle. And additionally, that this increased surface area will noticeably effect battery performance.

In any case, I just don't see any evidence or testing to support or quantify any benefits offered by this "conditioning" procedure. And I haven't seen any lead-acid battery manufacturer service manuals mention doing any "conditioning" procedure like this on new batteries.

I am always skeptical, and try and maintain an objective perspective. Anyone can recommend any procedure in good faith. But without evidence and documentation to support it, than there is no way to know what the practical benefits are, or quantify them. In other words, it's anyone's guess.

Can anyone find any documentation to support this procedure? Any manufacturer recommendations? Any technical papers? Any research or testing data?

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Re: Battery "Conditioning" - Any supporting information?

I admit that was basically where all of my info came from when I started looking at it. I would love to see some more info either way though. It just made sense from what little I knew about batteries and I had heard anecdotal evidence from people so I decided to give it a try.

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Re: Battery "Conditioning" - Any supporting information?

In any case, I just don't see any evidence or testing to support or quantify any benefits offered by this "conditioning" procedure.

Well there used to be so many graphs, pictures, data posted... usatracy had a sinus hiccup and deleted them all.//

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Re: Battery "Conditioning" - Any supporting information?

I don't know any better -- other than the general wisdom is to take it easy on the battery pack the first few charge cycles.

I wanted to pass along this posting on the Xebra_EV list on Yahoo!Groups.

It was posted by Aerowhatt, a member of the old V ( who has a lot of battery experience. When he says 'The guy on V is for voltage' that's usatracy

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